Rosary GardenFor hundreds of years, many Catholic and non-Catholic people have relied on prayer and meditation through recitation of the Rosary to help them in the long journey of healing.

Moles Farewell Tributes is proud to offer a section of Greenacres Memorial Park dedicated to prayer and meditation, and giving families, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, a place set-apart. This place is named Our Lady of Grace Rosary Garden.

Originally envisioned by the Moles staff with the on-going help of other contributors, this special place of remembrance is a place not only of final burial, but of rest and reflection for all who desire a time of stillness when visiting Greenacres Memorial Park.

As you can see by photos, Our Lady of Grace Rosary Garden has a great vision and purpose. When you purchase property here, one-half of the purchase price goes into a special fund to help expand the garden, add amenities and beautify the grounds.

Families also have the opportunity to purchase elements of the garden dedicated to a family member. Organizations interested have the same opportunity to purchase elements, and dedicate that purchase to an honored member.

For more information, or to schedule a tour of Our Lady of Grace Rosary Garden, or any other questions, don’t hesitate to phone Dr. Dale Pollard (Sacred Heart parishioner) at any one of our three locations.