How Death Affects Real Estate

By: Moles Farewell Tributes & Cremations – Bayview Chapel
Monday, July 8, 2019

Many cremation services are offered in Mount Vernon, WA, but helping sell a house or business property that is situated next to a cemetery is something better left to real estate professionals. While some people may not mind buying a piece of property that has a cemetery as its next-door neighbor, other people may be unsure about whether they want to live that close to death. 


In the 1982 movie, Poltergeist, the house of the protagonist is haunted. Near the end of the movie, the buyer finds out that the developer built his house on a graveyard. The developer removed the headstones, but left the graves intact. While this is typical horror movie fare, and haunted houses and ghosts are more figments of the imagination than reality, people who are considering buying property next to a cemetery may make a mental connection between their real life purchase and a theatrical production. 


As cities and towns move outward, it's inevitable that some business and residential properties will be located near cemeteries. They may be next door or they may be across the street. And while some people may shy away from considering the properties because of their fears, other people find benefits in living next to or across from cemeteries.  


One of the benefits is that your neighbors are quiet. In the neighborhood developments that it homeowners associations are spreading out to the suburbs of large cities and small towns, the noise levels can often be high. With houses that are built very close together, construction that is not soundproof, and heavy foot and vehicle traffic, these neighborhoods can be very noisy places to live. However, the noise level from cemeteries is nonexistent, so live next to one or across the street from one can be very peaceful. 


However, if the cemetery is still being used to bury the dead, there will be some activity in the form of grave digging using heavy equipment, cemetery maintenance in the form of mowing the grass, and burials. Additionally, people with loved ones buried in the cemetery will be in and out to visit from time to time. 


But, in all these cases, the people coming in and out of cemetery will be respectful and dignified. Most cemeteries don't allow traffic after the sun goes down or before the sun comes up, so the times when homeowners are most likely to be home will be the quietest times at the cemetery. 


If the property is located next to a cemetery that is full, unless there's a volunteer caretaker, the cemetery is likely to be in bad shape. But if the cemetery is still being used, the grounds will be immaculate and are likely to have a very nice view in terms of trees, shrubbery, and flowers, which will be pretty to look at from any properties that are nearby. 


Another advantage of living next to cemetery, whether it's full or it's still being used, is that homeowners don't have to worry about additional land development and new houses and more neighbors. 


Despite these advantages, properties that are located near cemeteries sell for approximately 12% less than equivalent properties that are not located near cemeteries. While this allows buyers to get good property at lower prices, they will potentially face a loss if they decide to sell the property later on. 


For information about cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA, our empathetic and knowledgeable staff at Moles Farewell Tributes & Cremations – Bayview Chapel is here to assist you. You can come by our funeral home at 2465 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, WA 98229 or you can contact us today at (360) 733-0510.  

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